Gabion Basket built by Ecobay landscaping and design.

Atlanta Street

Client Request

Correct drainage issue - the property would hold water during rain events leading to standing water sitting against the foundation of the home.

Project Challenges

The property was small with tight access, and neighboring properties were all uphill causing large loads to be directed to the property. Additionally, there was not a large amount of positive grade to work with leading to limited areas to direct the water.

Our Solution

We installed a French drain system with catch basins to alleviate the standing water in the backyard - preventing ponding against the foundation of the home. We directed the water to the front yard to daylight into a dry creek swale along the driveway. We then installed a Gabion basket at the end of the swale to armor the outfall to prevent erosion. In doing so,  the dry creek bed and gabion basket added visual interest to the landscape.

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