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Island View

Client Request

Sustainably manage stormwater that enters their property and renovate existing landscape to increase curb appeal.

Project Challenges

Designing a sufficient stormwater BMP to appropriately manage the large stormwater load with the steep topography and tight access.

Our Solution

We proposed a bioswale with a step pool system to collect and slow the flow of stormwater in order to prevent erosion and deposit of sediment in the local waterway. Multiple dense plantings of oakleaf hydrangea, fragrant sumac, summersweet and viburnum to stabilize slopes while offering colorful foliage and blooms. Natural stone slab steps create a safe and comfortable path across the steep backyard slope to reach the waterfront. A firepit, seating wall and patio space surrounded by a meadow creates a welcoming space to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

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