Garden walls built by Ecobay landscaping and design.

Peninsular Drive

Client Request

An all-native landscape that would provide privacy, increase their curb appeal, attract/support local wildlife, have year-round seasonal interest, and include an edible feature. But didn’t want a design that made their property feel cluttered.

Project Challenges

Creating a design that encapsulated all the features, but took a minimal design approach.

Our Solution

We created a uniform privacy screen with Atlantic White Cedar trees and installed symmetrical landscaping at the entrance of the driveway. We built several garden walls along the front of the client’s property that we planted with Eastern Redbuds and White Fringe trees. Underneath each tree, we planted mini pollinator gardens filled with native perennials. A clump of Mountain Laurels is situated off each side of the driveway.

To achieve the edible feature we planted Beach Plums and Blueberry shrubs both of which are native to Maryland and provide unique foliage interest. Additionally, we installed an island bed around several existing trees which were hard to mow around. We planted it with pollinator-friendly shrubs and perennials and incorporated a seating area to look out over the water.

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